How Does Earth’s Plates Moving?

The Earth is divided into a series of curved plates, each in constant motion relative to one another. The Earth’s plates come together in various ways along their edges, where most of Earth’s earthquakes and volcanoes occur. While the exact mechanism by which plates move is still a topic of debate, the Earth is approximately spherical in shape. Here are some basic facts about plate motion. Basically, there are three forces that act on plates: friction, gravity, and basal drag.You Get all Info About Fast Open Upload

Tectonic theory explains the movement of Earth’s plates. The movement of tectonic plates is believed to be the cause of the continents’ rise and fall. The earth’s crust consists of several tectonic plates. The plates are separated by a portion of the mantle, and each moves in a different direction. This movement can produce various events that affect Earth’s ecosystem. There are two basic types of plates – oceanic and new video from Animixplay

A tectonic plate is a massive slab of solid rock. It can be as thick as eighty kilometers and migrate on the Earth’s mantle. This upwelling of material from the mantle adds material to the tectonic plates. The outer crust grows thicker as more material is added by the upwelling process. Meanwhile, the oldest, coolest portions of the plate sink back into the mantle.All Movies HD Download free from here DVDPlay

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