How to Catch Double Threads by “Not Missing Any Shots” (2022)

How to catch double numbers by is one of the techniques loved by many crazy lottery fans because of its relatively high recognition rate and probability of winning.

However, not everyone understands and applies this strategy correctly and reasonably. The following article will provide you with ways to catch it double title No errors from professional players, don’t miss it!
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Definition of double equality in lottery

Double is understood as a set of natural numbers that are the same in both the tens and units places. In the subject of lottery studies, dual degrees will be included 10 numbers or: 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. Although calculating and betting on these pairs of numbers also brings certain difficulties, this still offers a huge chance of winning.

In fact, there are many people who are passionate about catching double numbers, so they often keep the frame for a long time. This does not bring victory but also costs money and leads to loss. In addition to double equals, additional numbers appear Equally close including: 01, 10, 90, 09, 21, 12, 32, 23, 34, 43, 45, 54, 65, 56, 76, 67, 87, 78, 98, 89.

When you get it double set of numbers equals, Equally close In hand, players can quickly check today’s lottery results. From there you will know which number is about to return so you can catch its ball back. Don’t forget to combine the explosion history and specific lot frequency of each number before making a final decision.

Signs that the double issue will come back

If you bet on equal numbers the next day, if you pay attention before that, you will see one of the following signs appear:

The last 2 numbers in the special prize of the Northern Lottery results display a pair of equal double numbers or 2 identical digits standing next to or far apart. However, the lottery result that day was not the above pair of numbers. If you see this sign, players should play double bets in the next few days and have a chance to win.

When solving 7, at least 3 results appear containing pairs of numbers dual deviation: 05 – 50, 16 – 61, 27 – 72, 38 – 83 and 49 – 94 then there is a possibility of double winning the next day. However, each mismatch pair is only displayed corresponding to a single result.

If the special prize of day 2 appears in one of the pairs of numbers double negative: 07–70, 14–41, 29–92, 36–63, and 58–85. At this time, use these numbers as the tail of the question and you can keep the frame for about 1 week.

In case the Northern Lottery results show numbers with silent beginnings and endings, double numbers are likely to appear in the following days. At that time, players can raise the frame within 5 days, which will bring a high winning rate.

How to catch double problems with “no errors”

In any form of lottery play, players need to have tactics, skills, experience and flexibility. Therefore, when you know how to harmoniously combine these factors with the shared method of catching double bets, you can bring yourself a big win.

Based on special prize

Tracking the results of special prizes is an effective way to play double odds that many people love. Accordingly, if you see any double number appearing in the first or last position today, use that number to play double the next day. For example, today’s special prize is 993224, players can choose pair number 99 to play tomorrow.
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Based on the results of 7th or 8th prize

Players can apply double betting using the results of prizes 7 or 8 of the Northern lottery. When these 2 prizes appear in double-digit numbers, immediately catch those numbers the next day.

Usually this calculation method has higher accuracy than the Southern lottery. Because there are many lottery stations in the South operating on the same day, you can easily check 2 stations at the same time. If you see the same number appear, choose to play quickly to increase your chances of winning big.

Use dumb head/tail

When applying this method of double betting, players need to check and look for dumb heads/tails that have often appeared before. After calculating the statistics, play with those numbers for 3 days to get the best results.

Use total special prize

You will calculate the sum of the numbers in the special prize and use the results you just received to play the corresponding double bet. For example, today’s special prize arrived 081735, the player brothers will have a total of 0+8+1+7+3+5=24. So you will catch pairs of double numbers that are 22, 44 and proceed to raise and fight for 3 days.

Use a double set of offset numbers

This is also one of the ways to catch double numbers that is applied by many experts. As follows:

  • If today’s lottery bet is 61, then bet on numbers 11, 22, 44 the next day.
  • In case of doubles with 27, don’t ignore the next person’s doubles equal to 33, 55, 77.
  • Today’s double bet is 72, you should double with 66, 77, 88 tomorrow.
  • If the double bet is 38 today, immediately catch the double numbers 56, 76, 67 for the next day..
  • In case you bet on numbers 96, don’t ignore numbers 22, 66, or 88 the next day.

Based on double negative

In addition to wrong doubles, many players have applied the method of catching double numbers with double negative words with very good results. Specifically:

  • Today’s negative double bet is 65, tomorrow you should immediately catch 33 and 11.
  • If the number 97 is negative today, players should bet on numbers 33 or 44 the next day.
  • If you bet on negative double number 23 today, bet on 00, 22 tomorrow.
  • If today the negative number is 08, don’t ignore the numbers 55 or 6 the next day.

Based on the dual question

Currently, the method of catching double bets based on double bets is also being widely used to get a chance to win big. As follows:

  • If today’s double bet comes back 02, then the next day you bet on double numbers: 11, 22, 44, 77.
  • In case the double bet is 05 today, bet double with numbers: 77, 88, 99, 00 the next day.
  • When today’s double prediction comes out as 10, you should double bet with numbers: 44, 55, 66, 88 for the next day.
  • If today’s double prediction comes back 07, don’t ignore the double digits: 00, 22, 44, 99 the next day.

Take note of some notes on how to catch double numbers

In fact, playing double lottery is relatively complicated, but you don’t need to worry about mixing up the numbers because it only takes a little capital to bet. However, players still have to know how to combine many factors together to win, such as how to correctly predict and bet money.

With the method of catching double threads, you should continue to raise new frames to achieve high efficiency and 3 days is considered the best choice. If you only use one screening method, it will not give quick results.

Let’s proceed into the 3-day pre-frame with the rate 1:2:3 or 1:2:4 Because this is a stable choice for those with little capital. Besides, players can also be flexible when bringing in large rewards for themselves.

In particular, you also need to plan clearly and calculate carefully. You should not let emotions dominate, leading to hasty betting decisions.

For new recruits, you need to suppress impatience in every situation. In addition, you also have to regularly hone your prediction skills and new methods at reputable bookmakers.


Through general information about How to catch double numbers by Lucky bag from experts, hope it is useful for you. To easily win big as well as bring the opportunity to change your life quickly, players should research the method carefully before applying. Besides, don’t forget to refer to the basic notes in case of risks while betting on the lottery!

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