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Red Flags Your Home’s Design is Indicating

While it’s obvious in many contexts, it’s particularly relevant when we’re getting ready to remodel or rebuild our homes. Suddenly, everything was a breeze!

Is your home a source of stress for you? If so, how can you tell? Here are three telltale signals, along with some doable remedies, for a floor plan that fits your lifestyle like a glove.

Get-Togethers Are Tense And Uneasy

The dinner table is a scene of elbow bumps. The drink station is not very practical. The living room furniture is uncomfortable or inappropriate. Whatever your gathering may be—a family reunion, a Christmas party, or even just brunch—if any of those things go wrong, it’s probably because of your furnishings and layout.

Believe it or not, the function of your furniture should dictate your purchase. So be it. Pleasantness and high quality won’t amount to much if we ignore practicality. Before we even think about arranging chairs, we take stock of your requirements and the room’s function. 

Take holiday dinner parties as an example. Will you be the host of such gatherings? Then we should look for a table that can be extended with leaves if that’s the case. Will your family room serve as a venue for private gatherings? It will work perfectly with a perpendicular or face-to-face seating arrangement.

Nowadays, porch code construction infractions are a serious issue. The porch violations affects residents.

Getting Around Your Home Is A Hassle

Your furniture arrangement could be the root cause of your family’s chronic foot and hip pain. When you move from one room to another, you’re bound to have unpleasant runs into people, whether it’s the furniture or your loved ones. 

The good news is that a few well-considered changes, starting with the size of your furniture, can have a profound effect.

If the pieces are too big, they will crowd the room and mess with the flow, and if they are too tiny, the room will feel empty. Stability is key. When comparing it to the other pieces of furniture in the room, we must also take their scale into account. A little chair placed beside a huge couch? Very uncomfortable.

Seating Is Uncomfortable And Boring

You can be unconsciously carrying around some unsightly, old, worn, or unpleasant furniture.  Your everyday routine will become easier as a result of this, believe it or not. 

Along with coming up with a design concept that’s full of your favorite styles, we’ll also make sure that every single piece, from area rugs to couches and chairs, is incredibly comfy and will endure for years to come. 

Whether it’s reupholstering your grandmother’s chaise or installing a new suspension on your beloved chair, we can help you make your cherished heirlooms functional again.

Most importantly, you and your family will enjoy life more when your kitchen remodels, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing. 


If these “signs” sound familiar, you can stop guessing when designing your floor plan or choosing furnishings. Before repeatedly rearranging or making costly purchases you’ll regret, consult a design professional.

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